Switzerland is a place that should be visited by photographers, writers, artists and outdoor sports enthusiasts, why you ask? If you are an artist then you must have experienced ‘artist block’ and needed to escape into surrealism, if yes, then Switzerland is just the place for you.

‘It is surrounded by mountains, a large number of lakes, the Alps and grassy valleys, neatly built villages and cities that are a blend of modernity,’ is a description of Switzerland by anyone who has visited.  Home to world-renowned watches and chocolates Switzerland also contain medieval quarters influenced by the Holy Roman Empire.

Since it has guarded neutrality for all, Switzerland has been selected for wide arrays of government and non-governmental organisations, especially with the United Nations, which they were reluctant to join until the 21st century.

Did you know? Switzerland has no capital in an attempt to give importance to each region, hence the name, ‘A city without status.’