History, Spices, Multi-culture and its people is what India is known for, the country stands by its reputation.  India has 36 World Heritage sites under UNESCO, where thirty of them are cultural sites; seven are natural spots while one has a mix of both.

Every state of India has a unique culture to get in touch with, such as in the south is Kerala. Known as the Gods Own Country, Kerala is home to countless coconut trees, beaches and spicy seafood. The Northernmost part of India is an arid region covered with the White Mountains followed by ice-cold rivers and lakes. Travelling through tropical evergreen forests is a wonder of its kind that can be experienced in the Eastern region of the land. A dry and sandy adventure awaits you in the west, Rajasthani food is a delicacy even among Indians.
At the centre of the country lie caves, marble rocks, hidden treasure and a tigers den.  Central India is a story right out of R K Narayan’s novels.