Singapore is a cosmopolitan society where people from different races interact and live harmoniously. Here are few places recommended for you; Marina Bay is a popular spot for sunbathers and luxury hotels.  Sentosa is a tiny island separated by Keppel Harbour. It was formerly used as a British military base and later as a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. Now, it is a spot to relax in their famous spa sheltered long beach, cable cars, hotels and two Universal Studios. Merlion Park, Singapore’s landmark a lion with a mermaid body hence Merlion, is the most visited tourist spot.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to food; Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines of their highest quality is ready here.  Singapore has so much to submit to its visitors, gardens, forests, ferries, walking tours extra. The Gardens by the Bay is a must-see attraction, walking along the trails made by humans only to escape into nature while the parks most attractive site is Cloud Forest. It is a cliff covered by grass and twines, from the top few waterfalls fall gently into the basin of water. The whole set has been covered by a glass dome replicating the cool moist environment found in the tropical mountain regions.